The Smart Toy Awards 2022 Outcomes Report

The global Smart Toys market is expected to be valued at over USD $31 billion by 2027 and up to USD $69.6 billion by 2032, depending on estimates by research sources (Precision Reports, 2023; Global Insight Services, 2023; Polaris Market Research, 2023). This equates to an annual rate of approximately 14.6-19.5% CAGR on current market […]

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution UAE (C4IR UAE) Smart Toys Report

Autism is considered one of the most complex mental illnesses affecting children. Children with autism can find it difficult to communicate verbally and non-verbally, affecting how they learn and interact socially. AI can help children who need special education by providing the tool tailored to each child. As part of developing guidelines for the use […]


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Governments often lack experience in acquiring modern AI solutions and many public institutions are cautious about harnessing this powerful technology.Guidelines for public procurement can help in a number of ways. Download report

Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain

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Case Studies and Learnings from the United Arab Emirates The World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network is leading a project with a global, multi stake holder group to co-produce tools that aim to embed best practices and minimize the risks for the deployment of blockchain technology. By bringing together public- and […]

Tokenisation and Digital Assets

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A Transformative Approach Towards Investments In the last few decades, the UAE has developed a robust ecosystem of pro-business regulatory frameworks, tax laws, and free zones, established to encourage business start-up and economic growth. These strides have positioned the country as a regional and global hub for commerce and investment. Furthermore, the UAE continues to […]